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Buns and Rolls

Mouthwatering Asian Street food in the heart of Takapuna.

Indulge your taste buds in an array of asian street food dishes at Buns and Rolls on Level One opposite Majestic Tea Bar. 

Buns and Rolls offer a large range of Bao Buns, fresh rice paper rolls, Banh Mi and Pho, all at a reasonable price. 

Their menu includes both gluten free and vegan options. 




Buns and Rolls Menu

Bao Buns Price
Crispy Pork Belly - lettuce and sriacha mayo  $6.99
Slow Cooked Beef - sweet miso and pickles $6.99
Caramelized Pork Belly - pickles, hoisin and peanuts  $6.99
Vegan Bun (V) - crispy eggplant, spicy miso and pickles $6.99
Fried Chicken - basil and mayo $6.99

Fresh Rolls Price
Pork N Prawns (GF) - herbs, rice noodles and pickles $3.50
Lemongrass Beef (GF) - herbs, rice noodles and pickles $3.50
Kafir Lime Chicken (GF) - herbs, rice noodles and pickles $3.50
Grilled Pork (GF) - herbs, rice noodles and pickles $3.50
Tofu Vegan (GF) (V) - herbs, rice noodles and pickles $3.50

Banh Mi Price
Pork $10.50
Beef $10.50
Vegan $10.50

Pho Price
Chicken Pho $13.50
Beef Pho $13.50

Fried Chicken with Hot N' Sweet or Soya Sauce  $3.00 each
Coleslaw $2.99

Combos Price
Pok Pok - 2 x pork and prawn rolls, 1 x pork bun and a drink $16.50
Beef Beef - 2 x beef rolls, 1 x beef bun and a drink $16.50
Chik Chik - 2 x chicken rolls, 1 x chicken bun and a drink $16.50
Vegan - 2 x vegan rolls, 1 x vegan bun and a drink $16.50
Bamboo - 1 x pork banh mi, 2 x pork and prawn rolls and a drink $17.50
Fried Chicken - 3 x chicken pieces, coleslaw and a drink $14.99