Open Today
9:00am - 6:00pm

Shore City is open 7 days with 3 hours free customer parking every day. Plenty of time to get your retail therapy fix without having to rush.


We offer FREE WiFi for all visitors.
Coverage is provided throughout the Centre’s common areas.
This public access WiFi service is not encrypted so please ensure services such as banking, e-mail and social networking sites have security.


We have Kiddie Cars for hire from Customer Service on Level Two as well as strollers and wheelchair loan. Strollers and wheelchairs are free to borrow. There is a small fee for the use of the Kiddie Cars. 


Our Interactive play area is in Centre Court, so you can take a break and enjoy a drink or bite to eat while the kids play in a safe environment. The play area includes three digital screens, soft foam rockers and sensory panels, to keep kids of a range of ages entertained. 



At Shore City we have three hours free parking for all shoppers. For those with a mobility pass, we have disabled parking located near all mall entrances, both within the car park building, and outside by the wheelchair and pram ramp on Level Four (on the open air carpark level), around the back of Les Mills. We also cater for Parents with Prams with specially marked, wider parks close to mall entrances in the undercover carpark and on Level Four by the pram ramp around the back of Les Mills. 


Our Parents Rooms’ are located on Level One near the food court beside the restroom, and on Level Two down the corridor between Mi Piaci and Merchant 1948, around the corner from the bathrooms. 
A safe, friendly, comfortable place with plenty of space to make those necessary changes, plus the privacy of feeding rooms, a play area, television, microwave and kids toilets. 



If you’ve lost or found an item, no matter what the value, please do contact us on (09) 978 6308 or see our friendly team at Customer Services on Level Two. If you think you lost something while in Farmers, they have their own lost and found, please contact them on (09) 486 2004.