Fresh Colour Combos

Article by Caitlin Taylor

Black is always the new black right? Wrong!

Why do we always get so stuck in our ways when it comes to wearing black, especially in winter?

I know some people say it’s easy, some people say it’s always available, and some people even say it’s slimming (it’s a myth) but I’m going to let you in on a little secret – black isn’t always the best colour!

It can be aging, it can be too harsh on your skintone, and it can fade and look un-polished and messy. But it’s all good! I’ve got three other fabulous colour combos that you can rock in winter that will have you looking and feeling fresh, and you can find everything at your fingertips right here in Shore City!

Combo #1 – Pink + Grey

This is such a pretty, soft palette, but you don’t have to be super-girly to pull it off. It all comes down to the styles that you wear! I love this combo because there are no dark, dreary colours, everything is light and bright, but still in winter shapes that will keep you warm.

Here’s a causal combo I’ve pulled together for an everyday look;

pink + grey
SHOP THE LOOK: Country Road soft trench $499 | Max “Vienna” release hem jeans $99.99 | Esprit melange top with star embriodery $49.95 | Deuce “Emila” sneaker from Merchant 1894 $169.90


Colour Combo # 2 – Navy + Tan

This is such a classic combo for me! I think it’s the epitome of style and elegance. Tan works beautifully with most colours (as does navy) and this gorgeous coat is such a nice statement away from black.


navy + tan

SHOP THE LOOK: Max longline wrap coat $249.99 | Country Road stripe dress $159.00 | O.P.I nail polish from Life Pharmacy $24.90 | Pulp Noir “Exquisite” tan boots from Hannahs

Colour Combo #3 – Denim + White

Denim is totally not blue by the way, well not in this case anyway haha!
I think that people often restrict this colour combo to summer, but it definitely has it’s place in winter too. Once again, it’s all about the combo of styles you are wearing. Black doesn’t keep you any warmer people!
denim + white
SHOP THE LOOK: Zest weekend denim jacket from Farmers $89.99 | Just Jeans Slim & Flatten Mid Rise Skinny Ankle Jeans $79.95 | Fray knit sweater from Hartleys $129.90 | Emerald dress flat from Mi Piaci $110.00 (on sale)
See? There are three different combos you can try that don’t involve any black this winter! So if you are sick of all the dark and dreary lack of colour, why not give one (or more) of these combos a go!

Until Next Time, Happy Shopping!



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