The Cold Shoulder Top

Article by Caitlin Taylor

At our recent VIP night in the lovely Shore City Centre, I ran a couple of workshops where we talked through three trends that I think almost anyone can wear.


And as promised in the workshops, I've written a series of THREE blog posts to reflect those three trends and a little bit of what we talked through in the workshops.


In this post, we're talking through the OFF THE SHOULDER trend and how to rock it no matter what your shape, size or lifestyle!


I LOVE this trend because it's a really feminine look, without exposing too much arm (and if you want to expose even less, try the "Cold Shoulder" look which is just the little cut out on the shoulder, rather than the whole d├ęcolletage exposed).


Here's how I styled it in the workshops for spring....

the cold shoulder top

GET THE LOOK AT SHORE CITY: Jacqui E off the shoulder top | Country Road white jeans | Max wide brim hat | Mi Piaci slides


Why I styled it this way: Because most off the shoulder tops are quite loose-fitting, you want to wear them with something quite fitted on the bottom half to get the proportions right. These white skinny jeans look great with the fun print of the top, nice and fresh for spring!

I've added metallic slides to elevate the look just a little. This outfit would be fine with a jandal, but a metallic just elevates the whole outfit just a little.


Who it suits: As always, I say everyone! I firmly believe that most people can wear most things, it's just about HOW you wear it!
If you have broad shoulders or a bigger bust, look for an off the shoulder top in a softer fabric that really drapes (rather than a stiffer cotton that can look bulky) and don't forget to go for a slim fit on the bottom!


This style is great if you have a slight pear shape, as the off the shoulder cut will draw the eyes up and out on the body, balancing out your bottom half - perfect right?
There are so many great off the shoulder, and cold shoulder looks in almost every Shore City store right now so make sure you go out and give this trend an try, it's a really fun one!


Until Next Time, Happy Shopping!
Cait xoxo




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