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Style That Makes You Go Boo

25 Oct 2020

Style That Makes You Go Boo

I hear it all the time. “I hate shopping”. “I don’t know where to start”. “I don’t know what looks good on me anymore” and then throw in ever changing trends, I get it - this personal style thing can be overwhelming which is why we are chatting hacks on overcoming the ‘scary’ side to style.

First things first. Get back to basics. Once you understand your fundamental workhorse basics, you can branch out with the ‘unicorns’ (colour!)

What this means is investing more in your best neutrals and feeling confident in those before you throw a whole heap of colour around.

Now onto colour. I know this scares a lot of people. So tread lightly first. Visit our beauty specialists at Life Pharmacy and Farmers here at Shore City and look for a lipstick or a nail varnish that is complimentary to your skin tone - we are here to help!

Pattern is a great way to introduce colours into your wardrobe too but a little trick to make your pattern a treat, is to make sure it includes one of your best neutrals too.

A little colour burst hurt no body. Introduce your pop of colour on your best bits. Got great legs? Try a coloured kitten heel this season. Got a defined waist? Try a coloured cropped blazer. Want to pull attention away from a scary middle? Colour pop earrings and a little more effort with make-up will do the trick.

How about dressing scary bits? We all have them. Meeting with a stylist can help you understand your shape more and clever tips to camouflage our tricky bits, but a great rule of thumb is to think about stop signs. Look at your body and identify an area you find difficult to dress and this is where you DON’T want a stop sign- this is where your sleeve length might sit or where the hem of your jacket or top may finish. Have these sit at a more flattering part of your body line.

It’s amazing what a roll, tuck, cuff or tie can do!

Trends are fun, especially when we see the fads of our youth make a comeback, but they can be overwhelming. Invest in more ‘classic’ cuts and styles that are more personality pieces rather than following a fad - this means you not only get more wear from your wardrobe but you are being true to you and not a fashion campaign.

Don’t get me wrong - I love seeing ‘what’s trending’ but this is where I tread carefully - spend on your classic pieces but keep your seasonal pieces cheap and cheerful.

Now for the skeletons in the closet. Those guilty pieces that don’t get worn. There is nothing more uninspiring and shaming than going into your wardrobe and seeing those unworn pieces with their price tags on. You want your wardrobe to be a collection of things that you love, that scream ‘this is who I am’ and inspire you to dress up for your day. Move guilty pieces onto charity, a friend in need or sell them. Better to have been a blessing or to have some pocket money than a wasted piece that’s not working for you right?

You’re in for a treat at Shore City. We love to help. Come and visit us in Centre to help you on your style journey.

Stylishly Yours


Kerry Finlay

Kerry is Mum to 3 daughters, a British comedy addict and quite partial to a good burger. She is also an Auckland based personal style coach specialising in working with everyday women to achieve a confident personal style...