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Sustainable Style

14 Oct 2019

More and more people are switching to sustainable products. Here are 3 easy ways to introduce a more sustainable style to your wardrobe and home this spring.

In this fast-paced world, we are starting to see a trend in more sustainable style. Think brands who give more than just a product, who manufacture ethically or have a social cause they support or give back to. 

We are also seeing a growing trend in the amount of ‘conscious consumers’ who are looking for a little more than just another product. They want a feel-good moment behind their purchase. 

At Shore City, we have 3 easy ways to introduce a more sustainable style to your wardrobe and home this spring.

Organic Fibres 

Nothing says spring like easy wearing natural fibres, such as linen and cotton, but better still, we are seeing such fabrics grown organically and manufactured ethically. Another spring must-have is a denim culotte, and Max is the place to go for their new range of denim from organic cotton to eco-friendly recycled materials.


1.    Max Manhatten Wide Leg Crop $119.99
2.    Max Ruby Distressed Organic Cotton Tee $59.99
3.    Country Road Organic Linen Shirt $139.99

Natural Beauty

Did you know, we eat what we wear? Skincare and make-up that is. Our skin is our body’s largest organ and absorbs what we put on it. 

Take some time to consider your beauty regime and the ‘bigger’ picture of what you are putting onto your skin. Look for ingredients that nourish your skin, biodegradable packaging and brands who give back to the planet.


4. Farmers Trilogy Day & Night Pack Ltd $69.99
5. Farmers Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening Serum $65.00
6. Life Pharmacy Karen Murrell Lipstick $32.

Earth-friendly products

Why not do your bit for the environment in your day to day? Forget throw away plastics, invest in ‘slow-moving’ and reusable items such as a travel coffee mug, reusable straws and bamboo serve wear that can be used over and over again. Planet earth will thank you for it.


7. kikki K Porcelain Travel Cup $19.95
8. Farmers Salt & Pepper Stainless Steel Straws $19.99
9. Farmers Terrace Fleur Bamboo range from $8.99

We look forward to seeing you in centre soon.

Stylishy Yours,


Kerry Finlay

Kerry is Mum to 3 daughters, a British comedy addict and quite partial to a good burger. She is also an Auckland based personal style coach specialising in working with everyday women to achieve a confident personal style...