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Winter Trends - Classic and Cosy

18 May 2021

Winter Trends - Classic and Cosy

We love an excuse to rug up and cosy takes on an elegant  yet classic spin this season with timeless patterns and luxurious texture. Read on for four ways to embrace classic styling these cooler months.

1. Classic Patterns

Plaid, houndstooth and gingham are trending this season but being timeless classics they will be a perfect addition to your winter capsule wardrobe.

We are loving a plaid blazer for its versatility and ability to play on colour, otherwise try a classic print Ponte Pant for warmth and comfort or tailored trouser for a fun twist on a capsule wardrobe staple.

2. Luxe Knits

Soft luxury knits are a cosy addition to your winter wardrobe while mohair, angora and alpaca blends are a nod to a luxurious elegance. Subtle French tucks bring shape to your waist while the texture of the blend does the talking.

3. Timeless Accessories

Classic and practical footwear such as a loafer and an ankle boot are the perfect additions to your winter wardrobe. Look for elements of interest such as suede detailing, patent leather and snakeskin details.

4. Neutral Palette

A classic wardrobe is built on a timeless palette of black, white, navy, grey and tan. Understanding your best neutrals help you build a minimalist capsule wardrobe while an introduction of a trending colour keeps you current.


1. Portmans Heidi Houndstooth Blazer $149.99

2. Jacqui E Renee Cardi Coat $159.99

3. Hartleys Vincent Tokyo Pant $190

4. Veronika Maine Crinkle Check Drawstring Dress $399

5. Glassons Houndstooth Ponte Pant $39.99

6. Merchant 1948 Aberdeen Loafer $209.90

7. Mi Piaci Lana Boot $360.00

8. Portmans Freya Mohair Knit $129.99