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It's In The Bag: Must-Have Bags for Every Occasion

21 Mar 2019

It's In The Bag: Must-Have Bags for Every Occasion

In this post, we'll cover some must-have bags for every occasion.

A bag says a lot about a person. It can say 'busy Mum,' and house everything bar the kitchen sink. It can also say 'sophesticated and minimal' or 'practical and just-in-case'.

Did you know as your day progresses, your bag should get smaller?

A sports bag for the gym, a tote for day to day errands, a shoulder bag for movie night with the girls or a clutch for date night and formal affairs. Thought you might like that little bit of wisdom.

As I peruse the depths of my bag, I find…… 4 scrunched up receipts, a random piece of gum, a squashed box of raisins, my diary, 4 lipsticks, 2 pens and a few hair ties.
Clearly, I am in organised chaos, juggling children with too much hair and revert to raisins and lipstick in a crisis. 

Whether you are looking for a bag to juggle the Mother load, manage the days ‘to do’ list or accessories your outfit and house those date night must haves, we have the perfect bag for you.


This is the bag that carries it all from the gym to the playground to the after-school activities.
Space is key as is versatility so look for a colour and style that works for you and a quality fabric that can go the distance.


1.    Country Road Branded Logo Tote $99.90
2.    Merchant 1948 Wanderer Shoulder Bag $289.00 
3.    Farmers Whistle Carine Shoulder Bag, Taupe $79.99


For the must have but for the serviced office, look for a bag with more sophistication and structure and space for your diary/ notebook/ device with plenty of compartments to neatly separate work/home life and find keys, lipstick and phone easily when you are on the go.


4. Mi Piaci Oda Handbag $340.00    
5. Merchant 1948 Valentine Shoulder Bag $289.90   
6. Mi Piaci Daniela Handbag $280.00


The last thing you want to be doing is lugging the days handbag around with you (especially if it contains crushed rice crackers and sand) at an evening event or special occasion. Go discreet, fuss free and use your evening bag or clutch as an accessory to your outfit.

I tend to go for a high-quality leather mini shoulder bag or luxury looking metallic clutch. 


7. Merchant 1948 Lady Cross Body $229.90  
8. Farmers Whistle Grace Flapover Wallet, Taupe $39.99
9. Country Road Folded Crossbody Bag $109.00

From totes and clutches to handbags, find the perfect bag for you and every occasion at the amazing fashion retailers right here at Shore City. If you have any questions about our handbag retailers, don’t hesitate to contact Shore City anytime!

Stylishly Yours,


Kerry Finlay

Kerry is Mum to 3 daughters, a British comedy addict and quite partial to a good burger. She is also an Auckland based personal style coach specialising in working with everyday women to achieve a confident personal style...