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Five Classic Pieces under $80

29 Mar 2018

Five wardrobe classics from Glassons Shore City that are perfect for autumn and winter, all under $80.

When it comes to wardrobe staples, you don't always have to shell out a lot of your hard-earned cash!

There are so many great classics you can get your hands on for a great price, and they will fill up those little gaps in your wardrobe that we all seem to have.

One of my favourite places to shop for the classics, is New Zealand classic fashion retailer, Glassons.

I think that sometimes we forget that Glassons does the basics, we just think of it as the cheap & cheerful trend-driven shop for the youngsters, but it is so much more than that!

So with all the talk of wardrobe classics, I wanted to show you that you can sometimes pick them up from unexpected places. 

Here are my top five classics you can get your hands on at the awesome Shore City Glassons store right now, and they are all under $80, including a coat!

SHOP THE CLASSICS (left to right) All Glassons: Merino blend stripe knit $39.99 | High Waist Gingham Pants $49.99 | Knit snood scarf $24.99 | Seam detail pull-on ponte pants $39.99 | Tie Waist Drape Coat $79.99.

1. The Classic Merino Knit.

You can never have too many merino knits in your wardrobe. They should become like a winter tee. Something to throw on with jeans, or with a skirt but that will give you a little more warmth. This knit is a lovely merino blend, so it's super lightweight, plus it has the added bonus of being a very on-trend colour.

2. The Classic Checked Pant.

This is a Glassons classic cut from way back! These pants seem to work on almost everyone. With a little bit of stretch, and a great shape through the leg, they are perfect for work, worn with a blouse and heels, or play teamed with a tee, denim jacket and trainers.

3. The Classic Scarf.

Winter is well and truly on it's way, and this classic 'snood' scarf (that's the shape that is an infinity circle, it just wraps around and around) is a great addition in to any wardrobe. You can never have too many scarves right?

4. The Classic Ponte Pant.

If you haven't heard of the ponte pant just yet, then it's time to educate yourself! They are the pants that sit between leggings and pants so perfect for wearing under longer tops, shorter dresses and tunics as it comes into the cooler months.

The name, "ponte" just refers to the fabric, which is a thick stretch jersey that offers structure and movement - trust me, they are gold!

5. The Classic Coat.

One piece that Glassons has always done well is the classic winter coat, and this incarnation is no exception. The shape is flattering on most bodies and it's available in three lovely colours - all for under $100!

Glassons is often overlooked for classic pieces, but I think they have some great offerings! So next time you are on the hunt for a wardrobe staple, don't forget to head and see the lovely team at Shore City Glassons.

Until Next Time, Happy Shopping