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Denim Pieces That Aren't Jeans

03 Aug 2018

Five great pieces of denim that you can buy at Shore City now that aren't jeans.

Good old denim, you either love it ... or you love it right? I think we'd be hard-pressed to find a wardrobe out there without some denim in it.

It's such a versatile, wearable, durable fabric that is seems a shame to just use it in jeans.

So coming into that trans-seasonal autumn time, I wanted to show you some other denim pieces that you can add to your wardrobe and get the versatility out of to.

Plus I've added a few bonus tips down the bottom of this post on how to mix your denims into your everyday wardrobe seamlessly. 

So here are five fabulous pieces of denim that you can get you hands on at Shore City now and add to your collection....


1. Cotton On girlfriend denim jacket in raw denim $54.99 
2. Just Jeans "Karla" button through denim shirt $69.95 
3. Country Road summery denim pinny $179.00 
4. ONLY "Flynn" raw edge denim dress from Farmers $89.99 
5. Glassons denim mini skirt in "sams lippy" red $39.99


If you like to keep up with current trends, the pinafore/dungarees are going to be huge in autumn/winter! (so the skirt option is the pinafore, and the pants are the dungaree). It's a great piece for layering, so you can wear it now with a singlet and then start to layer it with heavier items as the temps drop. 

A classic denim button up shirt can add heaps of versatility to your wardrobe. Wear it tucked in and buttoned up for a sophisticated blouse look, or layer it open over a singlet or tee and denim shorts. It's also great to tie around the waist of a dress to give it more definition

Try some colour with your denim! We're seeing quite a bit of red, white, khaki and even mustard in the denim collections - so if you want to try something different than your classic blue, Glassons and Country Road are my picks for different colours.

Double denim is generally seen as a bit of a fashion faux pas, but there is a really simply way around it; just mix and match your denims. So if you are going to wear blue jeans, look for a white denim jacket. Or if you have a dark denim dress, tie a light wash denim shirt around the waist. Simply put, just make sure you are wearing two different shades of denim and you'll be fine.

Like I said previously, denim is just such a versatile, wearable fabric - it seems a waste just to stick to jeans.

There are so many other great options available from our lovely Shore City retailers, I hope this gives you a little bit of inspiration to branch out and expand your denim wardrobe!

Until Next Time, Happy Shopping,


Caitlin Taylor

As an expert in dressing for your body shape, Caitlin believes everyone can look amazing in the body they have – it’s all about knowing the tips and tricks for showing off those good bits (and distracting from the bits you may not like quite as much)...