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Pick Me Up Lipsticks

08 Jul 2021

Pick Me Up Lipsticks

Grey days got you feeling dreary? Kiss those mid winter blues away with a new lip shade and find out why this might be the ‘pick me up’ your winter wardrobe needs. 

Traditionally, winter wardrobes are heavy with black, grey, navy and tan so a bold and bright lip is the easiest and most cost effective way to add a colour burst to your wardrobe.

Our mouth is the most looked at part of our being as lip reading goes hand in hand with listening so make the most of that mouth with a lippy that does the talking.

For those who are cool toned - best in silver jewellery, you may find a blue based red, pink or plum the most flattering for your complexion, while those who are warm toned and look best in gold jewellery, can’t go wrong with a coral lipstick.

A great way to introduce a bold lip into your wardrobe is to take a look at the prints you are wearing and choose a colour to pull through from the print and onto your lip.

This a great way to tie your outfit together and to make it less about the print and more about your total outfit.

If a bold lip is a little too much for you - a neutral lipstick is just as beautiful. A little tip here is to ensure the colour is deeper than your natural lip colour to avoid looking washed out and see this an opportunity to play up on your eyes.

Layer your eyeliner with eyeshadow for multi dimensional eye framing and add lashings of mascara.

The best way to prep your lips for a lippy that lasts, is to brush over your lips with a small amount of foundation and a dusting of setting powder - this gives your lipstick something to grip to and helps it to last throughout the day.

Our beauty teams at Life Pharmacy and Farmers would love to help you choose the perfect lipstick for you this winter.


Clarins Joli Rouge Lacquer $50 available from Farmers

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in Eccentric $64 available from Life Pharmacy


Clinique Color Pop in Sweet Pop $49 available from Life Pharmacy

Karen Murell Camellia Morning $31.99 available from Life Pharmacy


Elizabeth Arden Plush Up Lip in Gelato Sweetheart $52 available from Farmers

Lancome L’Absolu Rouge in 239 Au Naturel $64 available from Life Pharmacy