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Take Some Time For Yourself

Take Some Time For Yourself

It’s all too easy to ‘let things go’ this time of year - the mid year slump and all, which is why we want to share a little love around self care this season.

Self care isn’t indulgent. It’s a necessity. Filling our tank with things that make us happy, enable us to not only give those in our world the best of us, it resets our emotions, capacity and output.

While a wellness retreat beach side in Bali sounds good right about now, we have the next best thing here at Shore City for your DIY in home self care plan.

So take a deep breathe, pause, be still and let us share with you ways to look after you this season.

The bathroom is the perfect place to integrate self care into your usual daily routine of showering or bathing from essential oil shower bombs to bath concentrates allowing the power of essential oils to work their magic within.

Treat your mid winter tired skin to an intensive face mask, scrub or oil treatment outside of your normal daily skin care routine.

The elements, air conditioning and stress take their toll on our skin so take some time out to reinvest in your skin. It will thank you later.

A quick fix is sometimes all we need - a fresh pedicure at Kiwi Nails and Spa, a beauty boost with one of our beauty specialists, lighting a candle, a good book with a cup of tea at Majestic Tea Bar, whatever it might be, we look forward to helping you take some time out for you this mid winter.


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