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Six Fab Winter Coats

13 Jul 2017

Winter is well and truly here! We've talked about bomber jackets, and jackets that aren't coats. But now I think we need to get to the serious issues and talk about where to find the best winter coats don't you think?

Winter is well and truly here!

We’ve talked about bomber jackets, and jackets that aren’t coats. But now I think we need to get to the serious isssues and talk about where to find the best winter coats don’t you think?

A good winter coat is an investment. It’s something you want to be able to get quite a few years wear out of, so you want to look for something that you really like, that suits you and that will do its job (ie keep you warm) plus you want it to last! 

Living in Auckland, it doesn’t really get that cold (come on guys, I’m from Queensland, so if I can handle the cold, so can you!) so you don’t always need a full wool coat! 

Sometimes a good wool blend, or even a thick, lined cotton blend will do the job.

So I’ve done the hard work for you, and found a couple of coats that I think you will really like, and I’ll also tell you why they are so good below…

winter coats

Coats left to right, top to bottom 

1. Verge Cashmere Coat from Hartleys $280.00

This coat is casual, classic and warm! The cashmere blend will make it feel amazing, but unlike many of the other coats, it's not as structured so perfect for a more casual look. 

2. Esprit Cotton Blend Tweed Coat $189.95

Perfect if you want to embrace the blush pink trend that is massive at the moment! Also great if you want a lighter, fresher colour for winter. The relaxed cut is perfect if you’re more of an up and down shape. 

3. Max Wool Blend Long Line Wrap Coat $249.99

Camel is such a classic colour and the style of this coat is perfect for almost any shape.

The ties can be tied around the back, and the coat worn open (like a trench) if you want to show off your outfit underneath, or button and tie it up when it's cold. 

4. Cue Tweed A-Line Coat $510.00

This is one of those beautiful pieces that you might have to save for to start with, but will live in your wardrobe for at least 10 years! The cut is flattering and feminine, and the tweed gives it a sophisticated and classic feel. The blend of viscose and acrylic means it's light enough to wear in Auckland, but will still keep you warm. 

5. Portmans “Pippa’ Wrap Coat $139.95

I have this coat and I LOVE it! It’s the perfect feminine shape for all us Hourglasses and Pears as it shows off our curves. BUT it also works if you feel that you go more straight up and down because it gives the illusion of curve.

The cotton blend is the perfect weight, and the ties are feminine and flattering. 

6. Just Jeans “Louise” Military Coat $129.00

Who doesn’t love a bright coat in the depths of winter? And the best thing about this one is that it’s super-affordable so you can have this one and another more classic colour in your wardrobe.

There are so many beautiful coats around, and it is definitely a piece that is worth investing a little time and money into. If you find the right one, you will have it for years and years so I hope these options help you choose wisely!

Until next time, Happy Shopping

Cait xoxo


Caitlin Taylor

As an expert in dressing for your body shape, Caitlin believes everyone can look amazing in the body they have – it’s all about knowing the tips and tricks for showing off those good bits (and distracting from the bits you may not like quite as much)...