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Splurge Vs Steal: Autumn Coats

19 Apr 2018

Three autumn coats at both a splurge vs spend budget so you can choose what works for both your budget and your wardrobe. All available right now at Shore City.

Oh autumn, you've finally joined us haha!

Are you rushing out to buy your autumn coat now that the wind and rain have hit? Well, maybe you should have a read of this blog first!

I'm a firm believer in getting value for money when you're purchasing clothes. Not everything has to be cheap and cheerful (it may not last), but it doesn't all have to be designer either!

I also like giving people options, so I thought it was a good time to look at some different coat options, with different price tags, and let you guys choose which way you want to go with your budget - after all, that's the beauty of choice right?

So here are three autumn jackets/coats, at both a "Splurge" and a "Steal" price, all from our lovely retailers right here at Shore City.


A classic coat, in a new season colour, the SPLURGE option is a State of Play wool coat from Farmers with a lovely soft lining. The STEAL option is a gorgeous Glassons number in a polyester/elastane blend, a perfect option for those on a budget.


Another staple must-have for any autumn wardrobe, but you don't have to break the bank to get the look.

In saying that, a leather jacket is a great investment piece so it's worth spending a little more on if you can, as a good leather jacket can last for over 10 years!

This investment piece from Country Road is a classic shape, a gorgeous soft leather, and will just get better with age. At the same time, the leather jacket steal from Portmans is a great shape, and a great price!


This is such an on-trend look right now, so you need to think about how much you want to invest in a trend piece.

The SPLURGE option from Cue is going to have an immaculate cut, and the fabric is amazing quality. The STEAL option from Cotton On is a fun way to get into a trend and see if it really works for you... So the choice really is yours!

How much you spend on different pieces in your wardrobe is entirely up to you, and it's no one else's business where you choose to invest your money. But I hope this gives you some great options at both ends of the budget to help you make some spending decisions easier!

Until Next Time, Happy Shopping!


Caitlin Taylor

As an expert in dressing for your body shape, Caitlin believes everyone can look amazing in the body they have – it’s all about knowing the tips and tricks for showing off those good bits (and distracting from the bits you may not like quite as much)...