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Blast from the Past: 3 Looks That Are Making a Comeback

15 Apr 2018

Three throw-back trends that are making a comeback for autumn / winter fashion.

An old boss (who was a very stylish lady I might add), said to me one day, "if you've done something the first time, don't do it again."

And sometimes I agree, BUT I think it's also fun to play with an old trend that has come back around again.

The trick with wearing an old throw-back trend, is to make sure you feel like it has a modern element to it too.

Fashion is cyclical - it always comes back around if you wait long enough, so let's have a look at three throw-back trends we can all definitely have a go at working into our current wardrobes right now!

#1 Come-back trend: Wide Leg Pants

Skinnies have been the standard leg-shape for so long now, people baulk at the idea of a wide-leg pant. But my-oh-my, they can be such a flattering, comfortable pant to wear!

The trick is to team them back with a fitted top - it's all about balance. Fitted on the top, fluid on the bottom. Or if that scares you just a little, at least tuck your blouse into the top of the pants - trust me, it will work!

Try these from Shore City....

SHOP THE PANTS (left-right): Portmans "First Date" Pants $89.95 | Max "Whistler" wide-leg crop jean $99.99 | Country Road textured wide leg pants $229.00

#2 Come-back trend: The Dungarees/Pinafore

As a child of the early 80's, this was standard uniform for me growing up - but I LOVE that they are making a comeback!

Pinafores (the dress version) or dungarees (the pants version) are a great layering piece coming into this trans-seasonal weather. You can layer them up with just a singlet or tee now, and then as it cools down, start to add thicker layers and tights (for the pinnie).

SHOP THE STYLE (left-right): Country Road denim overall $199.00 | Glassons linen button-down jumpsuit $59.99 | Cue velvet zip-front dress $245.00 | Glassons button front denim pinafore $49.99

#3 Come-back trend: The Scrunch Boot

Seeing an 80's theme here? This style boot is everywhere for winter! The scrunch boot will work best with a skinny jean, but you could also rock it back with a dress or a skirt - I'd go for a more floaty hemline (rather than a pencil skirt) to get the balance between boot and skirt right.

Here are just three from our lovely Shore City retailers...

SHOP THE BOOTS (left to right): Merchant 1948 "Sherry" long leather boot $369.90 | Noir "Xeres" leather ankle boots from Hannahs $249.90 | Pulp "Ivee" silver boots from Hannahs $119.95

My biggest tip to rocking an old trend like it's new is to MAKE it new!  Don't rock the 80s head-to-toe, just add an element to your everyday look.

And as always, if it doesn't float your boat, thats ok too!

Until Next Time, Happy Shopping!


Caitlin Taylor

As an expert in dressing for your body shape, Caitlin believes everyone can look amazing in the body they have – it’s all about knowing the tips and tricks for showing off those good bits (and distracting from the bits you may not like quite as much)...