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Ticketless Parking

Ticketless Parking

Hassle free contactless parking with over 800 convenient car parks

We will be introducing an advanced license plate recognition system to offer ticketless parking. 

Not only is it environmentally friendly (no more paper ticket) but it will also mean a better customer experience, as you will know longer need to wait for a ticket or to enter it into the machine as you exit.

Your Rego is Your Ticket

When the system is updated to ticketless, your car's registration will become your ticket. 

To pay for parking you will be able to enter your registration number at any pay station situated conveniently around the Centre and pay with credit, debit card or cash. 

The system will then recognise your registration number as you leave the car park and raise the gate. 

Check Your Entry Time

Shore City Customers will continue to receive three hours free parking. 

The time you enter the car park will be displayed on the digital screens at each entry, your free three hours will start from this time. 

You can check how long you have been in the car park at any time by entering your registration into any one of the pay stations, conveniently located around the Centre.

Paystation Locations

  • Level One car park entry 
  • Level Two outside Glassons
  • Level Four outside Regal Drycleaners (at the top of the escalator)
  • Level Four outside Les Mills