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Kerry Finlay

Kerry is Mum to 3 daughters, a British comedy addict and quite partial to a good burger. She is also an Auckland based personal style coach specialising in working with everyday women to achieve a confident personal style.

Kerry specialises in working one on one with every day women in helping them achieve their personal style goals and understand their shape (the good bits and not so good bits), their colouring and unique fashion personality. That’s what fashion is all about it. Having fun with it and letting it be an extension of who we are, right? Kerry is an accredited Image Consultant, business owner, public speaker and style blogger and has over 15 years in the Fashion and Cosmetics Industries. She has worked with women from all over NZ through one on one consultations, community, high school and corporate events and group workshops.

She loves nothing more to simplify style, share her tricks of the trade and to encourage and inspire.