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Article by Caitlin Taylor

So you've headed back to work for the new year, but your work wardrobe is feeling a little blah? Like most people, it's probably the last part of your wardrobe you update, am I right?

Do you struggle to mix and match things for work? Which pants work with what top. Is that skirt ok with this jacket? Well I've got a really simple way to get around that.... wear a dress to work!

Yup! thats right! It doesn't have to be a fancy corporate-style dress (although I've got a few here too). It can just be a versatile, everyday dress, styled appropriately for work.
So I've had a long, hard look around the usual suspects at Shore City and found Five Fabulous Workwear Dresses.....


jacqui e solid scarlet wrap dress

JACQUI E solid scarlet wrap dress $119.95


This simple, feminine frock is the perfect work dress. Its got sleeves, and the waist tie can be adjusted to fit your body. The plain colour means that it won't stand out too much and you can mix and match jackets and accessories to change the look.


cue keyhole cutout dress

CUE keyhole cutout dress $269
A pretty take on the simple little black dress. The keyhole cutouts give this dress a little bit of pizazz without being too overbearing. The sleeves and length will work in even the most conservative workplaces.


country road print maxi dress

COUNTRY ROAD print maxi dress $259.


Why not add a little print to your workwear wardrobe. This is a pretty summer print, but the darker colours allow you to wear it into the cooler months too. The straps are thick enough to be work-appropriate, and you can style this dress up or down, depending on the casualness of your office or workplace.


max flutter sleeve print dress

MAX flutter sleeve print dress $79.00
This is such a pretty, feminine dress for any occasion! It would suit almost any professional workplace and look good on almost any shape or size. All in all, a super-versatile dress!


country road fit and flare strip dress
COUNTRY ROAD fit & flare strip dress $139


This dress may look more casual that the others, but as always, it comes down to how you style it. Throw on a black blazer and a pair of pumps and this dress would hold its own in any corporate environment. It could also work with a pair of simple sandals or ballet flats for a more relaxed dress code.
Five gorgeous dresses to get you excited about your workwear wardrobe again! But if dresses aren't really your thing, make sure you keep your eye out for the next few blogs, we're continuing our workwear theme over the next few weeks with some more great options from Shore City!
So until then, happy shopping!
Cait xoxo



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