Trend to Try: The Wrap Dress

Article by Caitlin Taylor

The humble wrap dress has long been one of those "must have" items in every women's wardrobe.

And I totally agree with that. In theory. But traditionally the wrap dress is quite a corporate, or dressy look, and not really suitable for wearing in a more casual style.... Which is why I'm loving the latest incarnation of the wrap dress, just in time for summer!

The version we are seeing in many of the lovely Shore City retailers is a little more casual, a little more summery, and there are also some maxi-ish versions that work perfectly with summer sandals or wedges.

They are fun, flirty and people are loving them so I wanted to show you a few of my faves, plus give you some expert styling tips on what to look for, and how to wear your wrap.

Here are my picks....


1. Max "Riri" linen wrap $149.99 | 2. Just Jeans "Hope" wrap dress $79.95 | 3. Jacqui E "Renee" ruffle hem wrap dress $149.95 | 4. Portmans "Fall into You" midi wrap dress $129.95 | 5. Portmans "Juliana" spot wrap maxi dress $109.95 | 6. Just Jeans "Hope" wrap dress (stripe) $79.96



Wrap dresses suit EVERYBODY - as with everything, it's just about finding the right version of it.The beauty of a wrap dress, is that if you have a waist, they show it off. If you don't have a waist, they give the illusion that you do ;-). Helpful right?

They are a VERSATILE fit - the very name of the dress pretty much tells you why. They wrap around your body in a way that will work best on your shape. You can tie it tight, or loose with a slip underneath, but either way, you can choose how it fits to you.

They come in almost any length   - traditionally the wrap sits just below (or on) the knee, but this season there is literally a length for everyone. Also, if you are a bit of a shortie, but want to wear a maxi wrap, try one that has a "high/low" hem, so it's shorter at the front, than at the back. This will stop you tripping over the front of the dress when you walk haha

So you have no excuses now! The Summer Wrap dress is a great option for Christmas parties, and especially great for Christmas Day (you just loosen the ties as you eat lunch haha!). You get to choose the length and the print, and there are so many pretty options in store at Shore City right now, make sure you go try some on!

Until Next Time, Happy Shopping!





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