Blush Pink

Article by Caitlin Taylor

Well the weather is finally turning and we can catch glimpses of autumn in the air, and with that brings new colours and shapes in fashion too.

One of the hottest colours I’m seeing in all the stores for autumn is varying shades of the beautiful Blush Pink.

I love that we have a soft and light colour making such a feature in what is usually a dark colur palette.

There are also plenty of variations in the colour, so there will be tones to suit almost all skin types – yay!

Blush Pink is a colour that you can either choose to wear almost head to toe, or just add some subtle accents to your look, so I’ve had a look around at all of our lovely retailers here at Shore City, and found 10 of the best Blush Pink pieces that you can add to your wardrobe right now.

I’ve also got 5 expert tips on HOW to wear this gorgeous colour, no matter your shape, size, colouring or lifestyle so read on my friends….

blush pink


SHOP THE TREND: 1. Portmans blazer $129.95 | 2. Country Road lace top $139.00 | 3. Jacqui E cuffed pants $89.95 | 4. Mi Piaci “Gia” boots $320 | 5. Mi Piaci “Lowie” wallet $40 |6. Max cashmere V neck sweater $199.95 | 7. Bendon lace bra $44.95 + 8. Undies $22.95 | 9. Glassons flare sleeve blouse $49.99 | 10. OPI “Stop It, I’m Blushing” nail polish from Farmers $19.95


Ok, so now you know where to go to get your hands on this gorgeous colour, now here are some quick style tips on how to intergrate it into your wardrobe….


1. Pick the shapes that work for you - The best thing about a colour trend, is that you can wear it in whatever way suits your shape and size (and style personality)the best! If you love structured blazers, then find a blazer in this colour, if you prefer a looser, bomber-style, then you can get that too!


2.Start small – if blush isn’t a colour you’re sure you can wear, start small, with a new nail polish, or that great little coin purse. If you then fall madly, deeply in love with it, then go crazy!


3. Match it with colours that work for you – one of the best things about this colour is that it actually works with quite a range of other colours (it’s about as close to a neutral colour as you can get).

If you like strong, bold cool tones, wear it back with NAVY

If you like warm, autumnal colours, wear it with BURGUNDY

If you like fresh, clean colours, wear it with WHITE

If you like muted, warm tones, wear it with GREY


4. Try blush instead of white – you know how I just said that this colour is practically a neutral? Well why not change out your usual white tee, or shoes, or jacket for this subtle tone.It also matches really well with quite a few prints, so try that too!


5. Only wear it if you love it – as is always my mantra with trends, only do it, if you love it! Why wear a colour that you don’t love (and therefore aren’t going to look your best in) just because it’s “on trend”. If it’s not you, that’s totally fine! There are plenty of other colours around this season for you to rock!


Like I said at the start of this post, I LOVE that there is a light, fresh colour hitting the stores for autumn to wear back with all the darkness that usually comes with the cooler seasons, so if you are looking for something a little different than your usual autumn wardrobe, why not give the divine blush pink a go?

Until Next Time, Happy Shopping!

 Cait xoxo



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