Three Versatile Pieces for Spring

Article by Caitlin Taylor

Versatility is my favourite "V" word. 

If you want to spend your money wisely, buying pieces that can be worn in different ways, for different occasions is a REALLY easy way to do that.

When I'm shopping with my personal styling clients, I'm always looking for pieces that we can add to their wardrobe that can be worked into lots of different looks and styles.

So I wanted to share with you three of those such pieces. Now they may not look very exciting, but read on, and also make sure you go and see them in store! You'll get a really good feel for the fabrics and how these great pieces can work in your wardrobe.

So here are three pieces that will give you versatility....

Three Versatile Pieces For Spring
SHOP THE PIECES: Jacqui E Blazer $179.95 | Portmans button up dress $99.95 | Max "Skinny Minnie" bengaline pants $79.99


So why are these three pieces so good? Let me tell you;


This is such a classic jacket. A blazer is always a great piece to have in your wardrobe. They never date, and will always help dress up an outfit.

And even though it's standard to wear a blazer to work with a dress or some smart pants, don't forget you can always wear a blazer with jeans and a tee to add a little 'smart' to the 'casual'. 

I love this cut from Jacqui E - they always have a great, feminine shape so you won't feel boxy. Also try cuffing the sleeves to relax your look (and expose your wrist - the slimmest part of your arm).


Most of the time, people think that dresses are just for "good" occasions. Weddings, parties, or even work, but they don't think to wear a dress just casually in the day time.

But coming into summer, a dress is always a great everyday option! This dress from Portmans is a cotton fabric, so nice and casual. It could be dressed up for work with a blazer (see above) and some heels, but don't discount a dress like this on the weekend.

Just throw it on with some sandals, wedges or even trainers, and a denim jacket and you'll look fun and stylish without a pair of jeans in sight!

The trick is to look for a day dress that is in a versatile fabric. One that can be worn to work, or for play - cotton, rayon and polyester are all great options.



The picture of these  "Skinny Minnie" pants from Max does not do them justice, you really need to head into see the girls at Shore City to get a feel for how good these babies really are - but I'm going to do my best to explain why now too :-)

The versatility in these pants is all in the fabric! It's called bengaline and the genius in the fabric is that it has STRUCTURE, but STRETCH!

The pants are a lovely skinny fit, with a high, pull-on waist (so they are SUPER comfortable). The pants come in a black or a navy, and they are a great option for work.

BUT the best thing about these pants, is that because they aren't super-dressy, they can be worn on the weekend, just with trainers and a tee - again, another great alternative to jeans. Trust me - these pants are worth a try!


Do you want some more info on how to add some versatility into your wardrobe? Then make sure you head along to our Free Fashion Thursday Workshops to hear more on this topic!

Until Next Time, Happy Shopping


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