The Summer Sandal: Three Ways

Article by Caitlin Taylor

Pedicures at the ready ladies? It's definitely coming up to that time of year when we can start to bring out the open-toed shoes again.

There are so many gorgeous shoes on offer over summer, it can be easy to get carried away (winter is easy right? A pair of ankle boots and a pair of leather trainers and you're pretty much sorted).

But if the budget doesn't stretch as far as a new summer wardrobe of shoes, I've found a great pair that will cover you for almost all your summer shoe needs!

So here are the lovely sandals from Overland that I think will be a very versatile addition to your summer shoe-robe. RRP is $199.90.

Summer Sandals From Overland


This great pair of summer sandals is the perfect height for walking around all day, but they're tall enough to add some elegance and glamour to your look. The leather is gorgeous and soft, and the cost-per-wear will be down to practically nothing in no time!

So here is how you can style them up for work...


Summer Sandals Work

GET THE LOOK FROM SHORE CITY: Bag - Country Road "Sandra" crossbody bag $229.00 | Top - Jacqui E "Pina" print blouse $79.95 | Pant - Country Road casual stretch pants $109.00 | Shoes - Overland "Trocadero" sandals $199.90.


Workwear doesn't have to mean black, especially in the warmer months. Start with a lighter shoe and work it back with lighter colours in the rest of your outfit.


These great shoes will take you through to party time too! Here's how I'd style them for night time glam.....

Summer Sandals Night Time

GET THE LOOK FROM SHORE CITY: Dress - Portmans "Falling Tropics" pleated midi dress $129.95 | Earrings - Glassons multi tassel earrings $16.99 | Lipstick - Lancome L'Absoulu Rouge La Base Rosy from Life Pharmacy $56.00 | Shoes - Overland "Trocadero" sandals $199.90.

This gorgeous dress will make you feel amazing and summery and it's perfect for any Christmas parties and end-of-year functions you've got in the diary. Add some over-sized earrings, and a pop of pink lip and you're dressed to the nines for summer!


Now casual! How can we work a pair of heels into an everyday weekend look? Like so.....

Summer Sandals Weekend Casual

GET THE LOOK AT SHORE CITY: Hat - Glassons straw fedora $29.99 | Top - Max "Tanya" tie hem tank $49.99 | Jeans - Verge "Vanity" jeans from Hartleys $170 |Shoes - Overland "Trocadero" sandals $199.90.

So many outfits, now you just need to find the events to wear them too right? But seriously, I know this time of year is an extra squeeze on the credit cards so if I can give you just a few little ideas on how to get the most out of your hard-earned money, then my job is done!

Until Next Time, Happy Shopping


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