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Article by Caitlin Taylor

Welcome back to the Shore City Stylist Body Shape Series! It's time for the gorgeous column's turn.

I think our wonderful column-shaped women are lucky - you can wear clothes that really show off your athletic shape, or you can dress with the illusion that you have a bangin' hourglass body too!

You are the chameleon of the body shapes bunch! But first.... what makes you a column?


How to Identify if You're a Column Body Shape

1. Your shoulders, waist and hips are about the same width apart

2. You don't have much of a defined waist

3. You have long, lean limbs

4. You have a small to medium bust


Sound like you? These lovely ladies in Hollywood have that statuesque column body......


Pink, Stacy Keibler and Cameron Diaz are your typical Column shapes

Ok - now that we have identified ourselves and a column, here is how to best get dressed for your shape!

My Top Tips for Dressing a Column Body Shape


1. Define Your Waist

Wait.... what? But you don't have a waist - EXACTLY!

Wear clothes that give you some great waist definition and you will give yourself some more luscious curves!

Because you don't have to worry about minimising a large bust, or skimming over large hips (lucky you) basically anything goes - I love seeing columns rocking the frocks!

Want to give yourself a more feminine shape? A belt, a peplum or just the cut of the dress will give you the curves you are craving!

Here are few of my fave frocks for the column you can find right here at Shore City...

define your waist 

1. Country Road waist sleeveless dress $169.00
2. Ella J belted dress from Farmers $89.99
3. Portmans peplum dress $99.95


2. Skinnies are Your New Best Friend!

Jeans, leggings (but not as pants!), ponte pants, skirts - anything that shows off your super-slim legs!

Most of us can't really wear a skinny jean without a heel (heels elongate and extend of legs... making them look longer and skinnier) but you don't need that, so make the most of the skinnies!

skinners are your new best friend 

Just Jeans "amaze" yoke front jeans $99.95
Esprit Floral print stretch cotton trousers $99.95
Glassons raw hem skinny jeans in faded grape $20 (on sale)

If you still want to give yourself some curves - use the top half to do that.

A fitted blazer or a peplum top will give you some more shape but still show off your fabbo pins!


3. Work The Layers

Unless done perfectly, layers can make most of us look bulky and bigger than we are (think things hanging off big boob or larger than life hips.... not a good look).

But as a statuesque column shape, your body is made for layering!

Layers will add definition and curves to your shape by drawing the eye to different areas of your body - so here are some key layering pieces for you!

work the layers 

Max cocoon jacket (on sale for $49.99)
Zest Vest from Farmers (on sale for $25.00)
Max drape front belted cardi (on sale for $49.99)


4. Be Foxy in Flats

TOTES jealous on this one! You can rock a flat on almost any occasion.

Because you have nice, slender limbs, you don't need to wear a heel to lengthen and elongate your body.

Think Alexa Chung and Kiera Knightly - these girls are the pioneers of fancy flats.

I love a flat shoe with a short shift dress or a cute pair of statement shorts (yes, they are the summer version of statement pants).

There are so many cool flats out there for summer so you have plenty to choose from right here at Shore City!

be foxy in flats

Pulp "Jacqui" sandal from Hannahs $59.95
"Nora" sneaker from Mi Piaci $200
"Bailey" flat brogues from Country Road $209


So there you have it lovely columns - basically the word on the street is anything goes - you lucky little duckies - so make sure that you have fun with your shape!!

Next week we'll look at how to best dress the gorgeous Apple shape.

Until Next Time, Happy Shopping!


Cait xoxo



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