The Apple

Article by Caitlin Taylor

It's time for our second-to-last, but certainly not the least of our gorgeous body shapes - the juicy Apple!!

Now for all you older ladies out there, this shape may start to sound familiar - it tends to be a shape quite a few of us turn into as we get a little older - but there can also be some spring-chicken Apples in the mix too!

So what makes you an Apple shape? and how  can you look your best?

I've said it before and I'm going to say it again.

This is the MOST important thing to remember – this is not at all about your size - dressing for your shape is all about balancing the proportions of your body, no matter what size you are, you can still look amazing!

How to Identify if You're an Apple Body Shape

1. Wider back and upper body

2. Medium to large bust

3. No defined waist and a bit of a tummy

4. Slender hips, bum and legs (often you will buy a size smaller for your bottom half)

Does that ring any bells? Here are some ladies in celeb-land that lay claim to being an Apple shape:


Recognise these stunners? Jennifer Hudson, Catherine Zeta Jones and Liz Hurley all have the typical Apple-shaped body

See? These are some of the world's most beautiful women and they are Apples!

We ALL come in different shapes and sizes so here's how to embrace your Appleness!

Top 4 Tips for Dressing an Apple Shape

1. Create Vertical Lines

Vertical lines are EVERYBODY'S friend, but for you in particular Apples - you CAN NOT go wrong with vertical lines.

Because you are slightly wider at the top of your body, anything that draws the eye up and down your shape, rather than focusing on the width of your torso, is going to make you look slimmer.

Whether it's wearing a long scarf or necklace, or using a cardigan or jacket to create the vertical lines - anything that draws the eye vertically and skims over your tummy is going to be good!

create vertical lines 

Just Jeans scarf $34.95
Zest Vest from Farmers $25 (on sale)
Max beaded necklace $29.99


2. Define Your Shape & Skim the Tummy!

You need to look for garments that still give you a shapely silhouette without exaggerating your tummy - this is where shaping of garments is important!

Look for anything that pulls in at the back, or has some shaping through the sides of the garment, without a seam or a tie across the tummy.

Tunics and tunic dresses are good options for this!

If a dress or a tunic has a waist tie don't disregard it - often you can tie the tie around the BACK of the dress - this will pull the garment in at the sides, giving you shape, without cutting across your tummy!

A tunic has an added bonus in that you can wear it with leggings or a skinny pant to show off your awesome slim legs!

define your shape and skim the tummy  

Esprit double layer dress $89.95
Country Road easy t-shirt dress $139
Max ombre long sleeve tunic $49.99 (on sale)

3. Minimise Your Bust

Just like the busty Hourglass shape, taking the focus off your bust by minimising it is always a way to make you look better.

Tame those puppies with deeper necklines.

It's all about surface area - the less fabric you have across the surface area of your décolletage the smaller they will look, and less fabric is created by deeper necklines! Kapish?

minimise your bust 

Country Road satin wrap top $179
Portmans ruffle shoulder dress $99.95
Max double V shell top $99.95

Minimising the bust also works well with tip number 1 - vertical lines and smaller bust = more flattering silhouette!

4. Show Off Your Slim Hips & Legs

These are your key assets (along with your fabbo set of knockers!) so make the most of them!

Leggings, jeggings and skinny pants are MADE for you!

Still want to hide your tum? Easy! Tunics and short dresses are perfect.

They give you the coverage you want over your middle whilst showing off your pretty pins.

show off your slim hips and legs 

Jacqui E elastic 7/8th pant $89.95
IAM by Andrea Moore "addiction" pants $139.99
Verge 7/8th pants from Hartleys $200

So my yummy little Apples, does that clear things up a little? I hope it does!

Don't forget, every shape and size out there is amazing, so embrace your shape and look the best you can with these simple tricks.

Until Next Time, Happy Shopping!


Cait xoxo



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