Swimwear to Suit Your Shape

Article by Caitlin Taylor

Ok, so who's hit the beach so far this summer? I'm sad to say that I haven't made it yet! A 5-month old makes the trip a bit trickier right?

But luckily it's warmed up now, and the sun is shining (occasionally) so it's perfect beach weather.... now you just have to find the togs that you feel awesome in.
The one-piece has definitely made a come-back over the last few years, so if bikinis aren't your thing, then you've got plenty of other options.
Then again, if you are a two-piece guuuurl, there are many for you to choose from as well.
Now, I've put together a little list of some good styles of swimwear you can pick up at Shore City (and head straight over the road to the beach!) but before we get into that, I'm just gonna leave this here......

Ok, now that we all know that we can ROCK a pair of swimmers, here are some fun styles for you to find at Shore City.


SHOP THE SWIMMERS: Glassons "Bardot" bikini set $39.95 | Zest Resort chevron print one piece from Farmers $89.99


Create some shape with these gorgeous ruffles in the Glassons' bikini - the ruffle broadens your shoulder and gives the illusion of more curves. As does the amazing panelling in the Farmer's one piece. The chevron print, plus the black panelling down the sides gives your frame some shape.



the hourglass

SHOP THE SWIMMERS: Zest Resort magenta one piece $79.99 | Zest Resort aqua floral bikini top $39.99 + bottoms $39.99 both from Farmers
It's all about showing off your curves, in a supportive way! As an hourglass myself, I do find it tricky to buy swimmers, but these two pairs have the shape and support I need! Plus the rouching over the tummy on the one piece is a great camouflage!



the apple

SHOP THE SWIMMERS: Country Road bust detail bikini top $64.90 + high waisted brief $54.90 | Zest Resort blue ombre swimsuit $89.99 from Farmers


It's all about distraction for you my lovely Apple! Draw the eyes up and away from the tummy and towards your face (via your bust). Swimmers are the perfect excuse to show off your amazing legs too!



the pear

SHOP THE SWIMMERS: Country Road bandeau one piece $139 | Zest Resort palm print bikini top $39.99 and high waisted bottom $39.99 from Farmers.
Balance baby yeah! That's what it's about for you my friend and some good panelling, like in these Farmers bikinis (which I also own btw....). Focus on the top half, make it look bigger to balance out your bottom half and own your gorgeous bod! (PSST - don't be scared of that horizontal stripe either! Because it is bigger on the bottom, it will make your bottom look smaller that your top - trust me on this! it's an optical illusion perfect for the pear!)
Now remember! No one is looking at you too hard in your togs when you hit the beach! They are all too worried about what THEY look like to pay any attention to you. So go, enjoy your summer, swim, play with your kids in the sand and just enjoy life no matter what your shape or size!
Until Next Time, Happy Shopping!
Cait xoxo



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