Top 10 Ankle Boots

Article by Caitlin Taylor

Ankle boot season is here yay! 

Definitely one of the most versatile shoes you can own in your wardrobe, and the best bit about ankle boots is you can have just one pair, or you can have 10 pairs and you will still get heaps of wear out of all of them.

Ankle boots are perfect for our Auckland climate. It's generally not so cold as we need to pull out the full length boots, but we also want something that we can wear a woolly sock under right?

Our Shore City retailers are well stocked with gorgeous ankle boots this season, so here are ten of my faves, along with some expert styling tips on what to look for when buying a new pair below....


1. Pulp "Jac" white boots from Hannahs $99.99  
2. Country Road "Jessie" boot in metallic $259.00  
3. Overland "Sender" ankle boot in pink satin $249.90  
4. Country Road "Tegan" gusset boot in black leather $259.00  
5. Glassons ribbed knit boot $69.99  
6. Noir "Exige"leather boot from Hannahs $199.95  
7. Mi Piaci black suede "Mafra" ankle boot $240.00  
8. Just Jeans "Bronte" ankle boots $69.95  
9. Overland " Dinah" ankle boot $249.90
10. Mi Piaci "Bernie" ankle boots $360.00


It can seem overwhelming with all the choices so here are a few expert tips to think about when you're out ankle boot shopping at Shore City.

1. Start with Basic Black

This is definitely the most versatile ankle boot to start with. Black will practically go with everything.

Team them back with jeans (see tip #2) or skip some black opaque (thick) tights underneath when wearing with dresses and skirts.

2. Roll Your Jeans

When trying to pair your ankle boots with your skinny jeans, simply roll the hem of you jeans up enough to sit on the top of the ankle boot. You can still wear long socks if it's really cold, and it will stop the jeans bunching up.

3. Match your neutral to your skin tone

If you want an ankle boot that blends in when you're wearing them with bare legs, go for something a little lighter than a tan. A cream/beige/nude/pale pink is a great option. 

4.Choose your ideal heel height

What is the highest heel you can comfortably wear all day long? Go with that! It will help elongate your legs and make you look taller. A thicker block heel is also more comfortable on your tootsies so look at that as an option, rather than a skinnier stiletto look.

Like I said before, ankle boots really are the most versatile shoes you can have in your wardrobe, and with so many gorgeous styles to choose from at Shore City, you will be walking tall in no time!

Until Next Time, Happy Shopping










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