Stylists Guide to Mother's Day

Article by Caitlin Taylor

Mother’s Day is extra-special for me this year as it’s my first one as a Mum! I think, more than anything, becoming a mum myself, has made me appreciate MY mum more!

So when thinking about what to give her (and what to put on my wish list,haha) I thought I’d put together a little list of things from Shore City that could give you some inspiration to shop for your mum, as amazing as she is.

I’ve found some fun things for heaps of different types of mum’s – which one is your Mum?


1. The “Style Queen” Mum.

Not going to lie, this is pretty much just what I want for Mother’s Day haha! But this is perfect if your mum (or you) love playing with style, and feeling glamorous everyday, no matter how hard you are mumm-ing!
Why not look at a pretty dress that is perfect for work or school pickup, an everyday shade of lippy and a handy, over-the-shoulder sling bag so you are hands free?


the “style queen” mum

SHOP THE LOOKS: Portmans floral print dress $99.95 | L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Made for Me Natural 233 Taffeta Lipstick from Life Pharmacy $23.99 | Country Road sling bag in sandstone $259.00


2. The “Ready-For-Anything” Mum.

Safe to say I am not this mum! This mum is super organized all the time and seems to be on top of everything. They like things in order, and are the boy-scout of mums. Always prepared.

A jacket with lots of pockets, a handbag size supply of skincare or a pretty, everyday bra could work if this is your type of mum.


the “ready-for-anything” mum

SHOP THE LOOKS: Heidi Klum “Sofia” soft contour bra from Bendon $69.95 | Trilogy “Handbag Heros” minature pack from Life Pharmacy $22.99 | Max anorak coat $159.99


3. The “Jeans-and-a-tee” Mum.

A few of my girlfriends are this kind of mum; easy, causal and always running around in their favourite jeans. Here are a few treats they can add to that look for a bit of fun!

Accessories are her best friend, she can just throw them on with her jeans and tee and change her look up everyday. A kimono, hat or some funky shoes can change her look in an instant!


the “jeans-and-a-tee” mum

SHOP THE LOOKS: Esprit velvet cape $149.95 | Country Road felt hat $79.00 | Isabella Anselmi flats from Merchant 1948 $219.90.
So whether your mumma is a style queen, or loves her jeans and tee, there is something at Shore City just for her!
And if you’re still struggling, a Shore City gift card and some flowers would be a nice idea… then send her this link so she can choose something for herself.


Until Next Time, Happy Mother’s Day, and Happy Shopping!
Cait xoxo



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