What to Wear For Stress Free Christmas Shopping

Article by Caitlin Taylor

This time of year can be crazy everywhere, but malls can be the worst! Lucky for us, Shore City is offering a stress-free Christmas shopping experience this year.

Heaps of parking, extended shopping hours and lots of present options for everyone. So I want to help out too, and give you some expert tips on how to dress for a stress-free Christmas shopping experience (plus a few tips for clothes-shopping in general - bonus!)


Tip #1 - Wear something comfortable (and easy to take on and off if you are clothes-shopping).

The last thing you want to be doing is fussing with your outfit so here are three looks (that you can actually pick up from the lovely retailers at Shore City - convenient right?)

Wear Something Comfortable

Outfit #1: Max linen scoop neck singlet $49.99 | Jacqui E fiesta floral pants $99.95 | Merchant "Park" casual sandals $179.90

Outfit #2: Esprit "Carmen" top navy/white stripe $24.95 | Country Road tinted denim mini $109.00 | Hannahs "Euro Pulp" sandal $79.95

Outfit #3: Portmans "Zoey" midi wrap dress $109.95 | Hannahs Noir "Souvent" sandals


Tip #2 - Pick the right time to shop

Shore City is always a nice mall to visit, no matter what time, but if you want an extra-quiet time to do your shopping, utilize late nights, extended hours (over Christmas) or weekday mornings.

You'll have more help from staff, more space in the change-rooms and more carparks! Score!


Tip #3 - Do your research

This could apply to presents for other people, or for clothes for you. If you want to save time and energy before you hit Shore City, jump online and see if you can find what you are after.... then proceed with tip #4....

Do Your Reseach

Tip #4 - Write a list

Again, whether it's present-shopping or clothes shopping, writing a list will always take the stress out of hitting the shops! 

Once you know what you want, your shop becomes much for efficient and effective, plus takes you 1/2 the time! I use this simple principle with all my personal styling clients and it makes life so much easier for both of us!

So I hope those tips help make your silly season just that little bit less silly!

Until Next Time, Happy Shopping


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