Jogger Pant

Article by Caitlin Taylor

Hands up if you like wearing comfortable clothes? Great, me too.

And hands up if you want to know about some cool pants that are comfortable, but also really stylish? Great, I’m here to tell you about them!

Introducing – The Jogger Pant.

Basically, jogger pants are just like glorified tracksuit pants, they are super-comfy, but they can also be super-stylish if they are styled in the right way.

So I not only wanted to share with you a couple of different pairs of jogger pants you can get your hands on at Shore City right now, but also some expert stylist tips on how to wear them so they don’t just look like you’ve thrown on your tracksuit pants either haha.

So here are the pants, and where to find them…

jogger pant

Left – Right: Country Road belted jogger $89.90 | Max merino harem jogger $99.95 | Just Jeans Amaze Jog Jeans $99.95 | Glassons drop crotch pants $39.99

There are heaps of slightly different styles around in stores, so the first step is getting the fit right on you. Try a few different styles on to make sure you’ve got the best fabric, fit and cut that works for you.

Now that you’ve found the perfect pair, here are some expert tips on how to style them:
1. ALWAYS tuck your top in.

Yep, I hate to say it ladies, but long, floaty tops and jogger pants aren’t friends. It’s a proportion thing. The jogger pant style has a little more fullness to it, so you want to make sure that you are making your legs look as long as you can, and not adding any extra bulk on top. 


If you are wearing a drape top, try just even tucking the very front of it in, it’s all about creating the illusion of length in your legs.


2. Look for styles that cuff or come right in at the ankle.
Again, this is all about proportion. Because this style of pants is a little more draped, you want to still show off how slim your ankle is, by either exposing it, or by making sure that pants come in tight around the ankle. This then leads onto tip number 3…


3. Either add a heel, or roll the cuff

It all comes down to, again, making your leg appear longer and slimmer. If the occasion and rest of the outfit suits, then add a heel (or a heeled boot). But if you want to rock a flat instead, just try rolling the cuff up once or twice so the bottom of the pant isn’t so bulky and heavy.

4. Add a smart, fitted jacket.

The jogger style pant on it owns is quite a casual looking pant, so by adding a jacket with a little structure, something a bit smarter (like a blazer), you’re then elevating the style of the pants a little, making them seem more dressed up.

Your whole look will seem more put together and polished if you add a more structured jacket, rather than just adding a cardi and feeling a little meh.
Jogger pants are so much fun to wear, and depending on how you style them, will work in most situations. Just follow along with these simple rules on how to style them and you’ll never want to put on another style of pant ever again!
Until Next Time, Happy Shopping!
Cait xoxo



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