How to Care For Your Linen (the easy way)

Article by Caitlin Taylor

Now even though I'm a personal stylist, I'm not a high maintenance shopper by any means!

I'm all about buying things that are easy to take care of (no dry clean required!) and I totally understand when my readers and clients feel the same.

So on the back of last months post all about linen, I thought it would also be a good idea to put together a really simple guide to taking care of your glorious linen you've obviously now bought from Shore City...

(Disclaimer: obviously read the care instructions on the label of your garment before you wash it too. Some fabrics will have slightly different guidelines depending if they are 100% linen, or a blend)



Linen is such a lovely fabric to wear, it's classic, it's cool and the soft, light colours are perfect for summer. So hopefully this takes some of the guess work out of how tricky it is to care for (the answer? It's simple!)


Until Next Time, Happy Shopping


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