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Article by Kerry Finlay

And here we are, staring at the face of a brand new year. I love the idea of a fresh start and what I would like to do a little differently each year, including my style.

Our wardrobe should be a reflection of our lifestyle but whether you are full time in the office, full time parent or juggling #allthethings, our wardrobes should always reflect our style personality.

The clothing and accessory choices we make are a statement of who we are - check out these quick tips on how to wear your personality this year.


The jeans and tee girl who loves natural fibres and materials. Amen to this seasons linen, right? Normally casual and comfortable, but be careful to not look too schleppy (totally a word!) It’s important to go for quality fabrics and don’t leave out your accessories - watch, sunnies, a scarf or hat add points of difference in your outfit.

Where to shop - Farmers, Glassons and Just Jeans

1.Farmers Sun Hat $39.95

2.Just Jeans Molly Knit Tee $39.95

3.Glassons High Waist Cargo Pants $49.99



Professional, polished and always appropriately dressed but sometimes they play it too safe and get stuck on the neutrals - black, white, navy and grey and predictable styles. Try adding stripes, spots and a bold new colour to your neutral palette - even if it’s in a lippy and a fun loving playsuit for a change.

Where to shop - Country Road, Jacqui E and Max

4. Country Road Stripe Drape Sleeve Blouse $149

5. Jacqui E Blair Jumpsuit $139.95

6.Max Chantal Double Layer Cami $79.99



This is the girly girl who isn’t afraid to get her pins out in a dress. It’s all about the feminine fabrics, florals, ruffles, pleating and soft silhouettes. Even if it’s in subtle touches, a pretty matching underwear set, painted toes and sparkly earrings are a romantic touch to your everyday look.

Where to shop - Hartleys, Portmans and Bendon

7. Portmans Samara Wrap Dress $109.95

8. Portmans Button Up Culottes $89.95

9. Bendon Pleasure State Celestial Boost Bra $69.95



The ‘party can start now I’m here’ person. They are vivacious and not afraid of making a statement. The bigger the print the better. Try print clashing as a fun way to add some drama to your wardrobe and bold accessories to wow the crowd.



Where to shop - Cue, Merchant 1948 and Strandbags

10.Cue Textured Geo Spot Dress $260

11.Merchant 1948 Coffee Ankle Boots $289.90

12.Mi Piaci Karina Wallet $140


Have fun adding personality pieces to your wardrobe this year, but more importantly, life is too short to not wear big brave girl undies. Do something a little bolder than your normal this year and dress like you are someone going somewhere.


Stylishly Yours,



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