Bomber Jacket

Article by Caitlin Taylor


At our recent VIP night in the lovely Shore City Centre, I ran a couple of workshops where we talked through three spring trends that I think almost anyone can wear.
And as promised in the workshops, I've written a series of blog posts to reflect those three trends and a little bit of what we talked through in the workshops.
The first trend we touched on was the BOMBER JACKET, and this is the look I put together....
bomber jacket
SHOP THE LOOK AT SHORE CITY: Cue Bomber Jacket | Max linen tee and sunnies | Merchant brogues and Just Jeans distressed jeans


Why it's styled like this: A bomber jacket is a great option for this time of year. It's light weight and gives you an alternative to the gold old denim jacket that I bang on about.
I've styled it back in a more casual look to give you an idea about how you could wear it everyday. It would also look great with a black dress or skirt (don't be put off by the fact that Cue is seen as a corporate work look, there are so many great pieces you can dress more casually there too!)
Who it suits: EVERYONE! I know, you don't believe me, but it's true! The trick is to buy a jacket like this in a smaller size - you want a really neat fit across your shoulders and through the arms (and you probably won't wear it done up so it doesn't matter if its a tight fit!)
This is quite a cropped style, so it will help define a waist (or give the illusion of a waist if you don't have much).
Use the open jacket to 'divide and conquer' a large bust or broad shoulders, by pairing it with the white tee, the contrast down the front creates a flattering vertical line.
The bomber really is a great style jacket to try this spring! There are quite a few different prints and colours in stores around Shore City right now so give one a go!
Until Next Time, Happy Shopping
Cait xoxo



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