Body Shape

Article by Caitlin Taylor

Body Shapes can be a minefield in the world of fashion and style!

"I don't know what shape I am! I don't feel like I'm any of the shapes! I don't even know what they mean or what it means to me! I don't like being labelled!"
(...those are just a few of the things I hear from people when "body shape" is mentioned).
So we are going to go back to Body Shape Bootcamp and get the basics right with The Body Shape Series.
First-up, we'll look at WHAT the basic shapes are and WHY it's important to know your shape.
After that, we'll delve more into each specific body shape - what it means, what works best and how to shop it to the max at Shore City!
So let's start with WHY we talk about body shapes...
It's not about putting people into boxes, or labelling them. In fact, it's the opposite!
I'm all about empowering every single woman, no matter WHAT her shape and size, to feel AMAZING about her body!
Dressing well for your amazing and unique body is all about HIGHLIGHTING THE GOOD BITS!
Draw attention to the bits of your body that you like the most (and trust me, no one will be looking at the bits you're not so much a fan of).
Aren't sure WHAT your best bits are? That's where BODY SHAPES come in.
If you relate to one (or more) shapes, then use the attributes of that shape to work out some of your amazing features!
Relate to the Hourglass shape? Chances are you have a great wee waist! So play up to that! Pear shapes have lovely, small upper body, so show that off! And you my lovely Apples, you have killer legs so get them out!
The basic body shapes and what they are...

body shape


(left to right) Apple | Column | Pear | Inverted Triangle | Hourglass


  • Broad shoulders and back
  • Rounder tummy
  • Slim hips and legs 


  • Shoulders, waist and hips approximately the same width apart
  • Lack of defined waist
  • Slim limbs 


  • Neat shoulders and bust
  • Defined waist
  • Carries weight on hips and thighs
  • Often buys smaller size on top and bigger on bottom 


  • Broad shoulders
  • Usually smaller bust
  • Waist and hips usually around the same width
  • Long, lean limbs 


  • Shoulders and hips about the same width apart
  • Defined waist
  • Medium to large bust
  • Slight tummy (sometimes) 


Do you sound like a combination of two? Thats ok too! We are all amazing and unique in our shape so just treat your top-half like one shape, and bottom-half like the other!

So now maybe you have a better idea about what your body shape is, stay tuned to see what works best on your amazing shape below.

And remember, if you want more personalised help on dressing the best for your body shape (and size and budget and style personality!) then you can book a 1-on-1 personal styling session with me through Shore City and save! Find out more about styling sessions >

Until Next Time, Happy Shopping!

Cait xoxo



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