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Second Passenger Lift Now Open!

Second Passenger Lift Now Open!

Exciting News!!!  The completion of the second passenger lift signifies the end of a 12 month project which now sees the Centre providing the latest in design and efficiency for customers gaining access to the Centre from the multi- level car park with all levels, up to Level 6 linked to the new lift.  

The design and capacity of the 53 passenger lift will provide a low noise, energy efficient, safe and smooth ride to enhance the customer experience.  

The Italian designed lift is complete with stainless steel finishes, announcement of travel direction and is designed for both passenger and trolley use.  With the location of the second lift adjacent to the New World Supermarket, opening late 2019, will make for a convenient shopping experience, particularly those with Supermarket trolleys. In addition to the Lift installation, painting and lighting upgrades have also been undertaken to all Lobby entries into the Centre to lighten and brighten the transition from the Car-park into the Centre. 


* Pictured: New Passenger Lift located via the Multi-level Carpark.


* Pictured: Italian designed complete with stainless steel finishes.


* Pictured: Going up? .. inside the new passenger lift. 


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