Caitlyn Taylor

Caitlin Taylor


Stylist | Blogger | Shoe Addict


Introducing Shore City’s Stylist...

As an expert in dressing for your body shape, Caitlin believes everyone can look amazing in the body they have – it’s all about knowing the tips and tricks for showing off those good bits (and distracting from the bits you may not like quite as much).

Cait has more than 15 years’ experience in the fashion industry, plus her degree in Psychology also means she understands just how emotive fashion and style can be and the impact how you look has to help boost your confidence, and have you feeling as good as you look.

In demand in Australia and New Zealand, Cait has also worked with the Myer Centre in Brisbane as their ‘stylist-in-residence’ for the launch of their Winter and Spring seasons.

On top of all that, she works one-on-one as a personal stylist, helping you make the most of your own personal style and boost your confidence by helping you dress your best.

Cait is also a published blogger and her site now gets over 17,000 readers every month. Cait’s also worked directly with New Zealand brands like Max and Farmers, just to name a few.

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