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Rodd and Gunn’s iconic emblem of the English Pointer dates back to its inception in 1946 and has now become synonomous with classical, quality Kiwi menswear.

Rodd & Gunn

Renowned for its trademark shirts and polos, Rodd and Gunn is a staple classic of the Kiwi man’s wardrobe.

With a focus on quality and reflecting contemporary style of the day, Rodd and Gunn embraces colour and style for a look that is uniquely New Zealand and celebrates our relaxed lifestyle.

Today’s lineup of Rodd and Gunn apparel includes classic chinos, knitwear, pants and jeans designed to really fit! This range is complemented with a range of bespoke Italian leatherware that includes shoes, luggage and accessories that supports the Rodd and Gunn commitment to uncompromised quality.