Win 1-of-30 $300 Trolley Grabs

  • The Promoter is Shore City Shopping Centre located at the corner of 52 – 56 Anzac Street, Takapuna, Auckland.
  • The Promotion is called “Win 1-of-30 $300 Trolley Grabs October-November 2023 .”
  • The Promotional Period is from 7am Thursday 19th October 2023 until 7pm Wednesday 29th November 2023.
  • Information on gifts and how to receive them form part of these conditions of entry.
  • Customers must spend a minimum of $30 or more ina single transaction in New World Metro Shore City to be qualified to enter in the draw.
  • Customers MUST upload  their New World receipt with $30 spend or more through the online entry form or attach it to a physical entry form at Customer Service Desk Level 2 for a chance to Win 1-of-30 $300 Trolley Grabs with 5 winners weekly.
  • Multiple entries allowed in single transaction receipts of more than $30 (e.g. $60 = 2 entries, $90 = 3 entries).
  • Customer must ATTACH THE SAME RECEIPT FOR MULTIPLE ENTRIES ONLINE with the total SINGLE TRANSACTION AMOUNT in multiples of $30 (e.g. $60 = 2 entries, $90 = 3 entries)
  • CUSTOMER MUST RETAIN RECEIPT as proof of purchase if their entry is drawn as a winner.
  • There are 30x $300 New World Trolley Grab to be won available during the promotional period. 
  •  5 Winners will be drawn weekly electronically and announced on a Thursday within the 3 weeks during the promotional period. 
  • The 5x $300 New World Gift Card will be held by the Store Manager on the day of the scheduled 30 second Trolley Grab for the winners.
  • Winners with multiple entries must bring their original receipt and photo   ID on the day of their scheduled Trolley Grab 30 second shopping spree.
    • 1st Week: 19-25 October 
       Draw – Thursday 26th October
       Winners’ Shop in 30 Seconds – Friday 27th October
    • 2nd Week: 26 October – 1 November
       Draw – Thursday 2nd November
       Winners’ Shop in 30 Seconds – Friday 3rd November
    • 3rd Week: 2-8 November 
       Draw – Thursday 9th November
       Winners’ Shop in 30 Seconds – Friday 10th November
    • 4th Week: 9-15 November
       Draw – Thursday 16th November
       Winners’ Shop in 30 Seconds – Friday 17th November
    • 5th Week: 16-22 November
       Draw – Thursday 23rd November
       Winners’ Shop in 30 Seconds – Friday 24th November
    • 6th Week: 23-29 November
       Draw – Thursday 30th November
       Winners’ Shop in 30 Seconds – Friday 1st December

  • The winner must spend the full amount of $300 for the trolley grab.
  • The winner has the option to pay or leave the items in the trolley over the $300 limit.
  • The WINNER MAY ONLY GRAB 2x OF EACH KIND OF ANY ITEM during the 30-second Trolley Grab.
  • A customer can only win 1x during the 6 weeks of the competition.
  • Customers will be asked for first name, suburb, how did you hear about the promotion, are you a Shore City VIP member for internal use only.The Promoter, the owners and managers of Shore City Shopping Centre and their employees and contractors; participating retailers and their Shore City employees, contractors and their immediate families; or any of the persons and entities set out above and associated agencies of the Promoter and Shore City Shopping Centre are not eligible to enter.
  • No responsibility is accepted for late or misdirected entries.
  • Entries will not be accepted by mail.
  • The gift is not redeemable for cash, exchangeable and is non-transferable.
  • The Promoter accepts no responsibility for a variation in the value of the gifts or the suitability of the gift for its intended purpose and the customer accepts the gift on an as is basis.
  • The Promoter reserves the right to change terms and conditions at any time.
  • The Promoter accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss, damage or injury that may arise in any way from the use of the gifts or the conduct of the promotion. The customer must, on demand, indemnify and keep indemnified, the promoter, its subsidiaries, employees, advisers and agents against all claims, losses, damages, costs and expenses reasonably or lawfully suffered or incurred by the Promoter due to any loss, damage or arising out of this Promotion.
  • The Promoter agrees to keep all personal details confidential obtained by the Promotion during the Promotional Period and agrees that such information will be used by the Promoter only.
  • Under the Privacy Act we must tell you when we collect personal information about you and how we will use it. The Promoter will collect and use the personal information you have provided for carrying out this competition and for advertising Shore City.
  • The distribution of gifts is at the discretion of Shore City Management and no further correspondence will be entered into.