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Borrowed Earth at Creative & Brave

Borrowed Earth at Creative & Brave

Creative & Brave are celebrating Matariki this year with a very special collection of hand made ceramics by Adele and Richie at Borrowed Earth. They have been part of the Creative & Brave whanau for many years and have delighted with every collection of their exquisitely hand made ceramics. Their themes are often deep in nature but artfully translated into engaging and often enchanting creations. 

After bravely surmounting a life changing event which kept them from their studio for over a year, Adele and Rich have come back with an incredible collection of ceramics for Matariki 2021. 

The Borrowed Earth philosophy is "surround yourself with what you love". Richie and Adele hope to inspire and uplift through their work, passing inspiration and beauty from one person to another. Borrowed Earth's attention to detail and positive philosophies are evident in their beautiful hand made pieces. Borrowed Earth are committed to creating handmade ceramics with character that, over time, will become treasured family pieces. The creative duo work full time from their beautiful waterside studio in Whangaparoa. They take pride in creating new ways to share their unique view of the world, honouring their Maori, Pacific and English heritage.