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What to cook with Christmas Leftovers

What to cook with Christmas Leftovers

After the big day is over and you have watched all your favourite Christmas movies and you vow you will never eat again, what do you do with all those lovely leftovers when you start to feel peckish?

We have put together some fresh and easy food ideas from New World Metro Shore City to put a new spin on post-Christmas dining, no matter what time of day it is.

Don't let bread go to waste 

Lots of leftover bread? As a twist on the usual bacon and eggs, transform those loaves into delicious egg and bacon cups. Check out the full recipe from New World here.

Toss the leftover prawns into a salad

Add a twist to those leftover prawns with this fresh and fragrant Grilled Prawn and Pineapple Salad recipe from New World. 

Don't forget to make dessert too!

Do you still have punnets of berries in the fridge? This show-stopping Summer Berry Pudding recipe from New World only takes 10 minutes to prepare – perfect for lazy Summer cooking.

Don't know what do with the leftover Turkey and Ham?

Leftover turkey has never tasted this good. Pistachios, pomegranate and mint really transform this dish into something special. Check out the full Turkey and charred aubergine flatbreads recipe here.

Get creative with your pizza toppings and use up all those little leftovers from Christmas day! Try this Christmas Ham Pizza recipe here.

Don't throw away the salad yet!

Leftover greens, seeds and cheese tart

Using leftover greens, try this greens, seeds and cheese tart recipe. Colourful, healthy and a perfect way to use those leftover veggies!

Boxing Day Sandwich

Possibly the best sandwich you will have all year, just as it draws to a close! The Boxing Day sandwich combines everything and anything!