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Christmas Recipe Reset

Christmas Recipe Reset

A sharey Christmas 

After months of lock-down and limits to our celebrations with family and friends, Christmas this year will be extra special.

Gather round the table with your loved ones, sharing stories and special memories. Rather then slave over a hot oven – keep things nice and simple in the kitchen with a range of sharing platters and fresh salads. Linger over a long lunch or dinner without having to leave the table!

Antipasto platter

As well as a generous variety of cheese and cured meats, use seasonal produce to make your antipasto platter more visual – think summer stone fruits, cherries, raspberries and figs.  Add some height and dimension with different sized bowls and ramekins, which also make store-bought dips look homemade – try hummus, baba ganoush, pesto and beetroot. 

Placing different colours next to each other will make your platter stand out...especially on Instagram! Pair rich, red sundried tomatoes against soft creamy brie and green grapes next to prosciutto. 

Looking for more inspiration? Check out New World's guide to creating the perfect platter.

Side Platters

The perfect side dish can really pull a meal together. Whether they are baked or tossed, raw or sautéed, they all play their part. When done right they can even become the star of the show!

Salads are fresh and versatile – we recommend serving two or three to cater for everyone’s tastes. The humble Garden Salad is sure to please the little ones and by adding seasonal fruit, nuts or fresh herbs, it gives it a twist for the adults around the table. Place sides in large bowls or platters and label each dish with a festive tag to identify ingredients for those with any dietary considerations.

If you are having a traditional roast dinner for Christmas, a mix of hot and cold vegetables makes things a bit more interesting, especially for vegetarians and vegans. Combine roast veggies with fresh baby spinach and shaved fennel to lighten them up, which is especially welcome on a hot summer’s day. 

Use that BBQ! Corn, halloumi, asparagus, eggplant, pineapple and even peaches can all be lightly chargrilled to add a smokey, summer note. Simply pile them high on individual platters so your guests can build their own salad.

Looking for the perfect salad serving set? Bed Bath N Table and Farmers' new homewares range will be sure to get you feeling inspired!

Dessert platter

Make your dessert platter bright and beautiful with a range of delicious sweet treats! Place large items such as pieces of rocky road, brownies and fruit tarts on opposite sides of the platter. Then fill the gaps with individually wrapped lollies, gingerbread cookies and chocolate. Add some fresh strawberries and a jar of Nutella for dipping and watch it slowly disappear…!

If you're feeling extra creative, check out New World's Strawberry and Passionfruit merigue stack recipe.

Have fun and don’t forget to take a photo before everything is devoured!