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Easter Fun for Home-bunnies

Easter Fun for Home-bunnies

If you are staying home over Easter, look no further for some egg-citing Easter activities. Whether it is keeping the kids entertained during the holidays, getting crafty with Easter gifts or starting your very own DIY garden projects, we’ve got you covered.

One for the eggheads

Colouring eggs in the lead up to Easter is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. Why not make it part of your own family celebrations but with a modern twist – think glitter, monograms, adhesive jewels, feathers and fluoro stickers to decorate your eggs. Get organised with compartmentalised trays to hold your craft supplies

Grab a dozen eggs from New World Metro Shore City and commence the hollowing process. Carefully pierce the top and bottom of the egg with a pin. Make the hole at the bottom slightly larger than the top so you can insert a skewer stick and break the yolk inside. Over a bowl, gently blow through the hole at the top, pushing the egg out from the bottom to empty the shell.

Save the leftover egg and use it as part of a delicious Easter recipe later! Continue this process until you have enough eggs to decorate. Rinse the egg shells and allow them to dry then set up a clean craft area and start decorating your eggs!

Craft supplies and decorations such as paints, cutting mats, glue gun, markers, glitter, adhesive jewels and stickers are available from Whitcoulls and Smiggle.

Your decorated eggs can be used as a table centrepiece during the Easter holidays or as part of a special Easter egg hunt.

Looking for more Easter egg hunt ideas? Get the little ones to decorate their own basket or bag to collect their eggs. Bed Bath N Table's new Easter collection features bunny egg holders and baskets that the little ones will be sure love.

Take the hunt to the next level with egg and spoon races or Easter egg trivia – each egg has a quiz question attached to it and the most correct answers win. You could also try an Easter egg scavenger hunt – solve clues to find where all the eggs are hidden.

Hop into the garden

Creating a healthy herb garden is the perfect DIY Easter activity. There are great options for everyone, regardless of your outdoor area – you just need sunlight, soil and a little water.

Vertical gardens

Vertical hanging gardens are great for balconies and courtyards. Invite a friend over for lunch and ask them to help you with your latest DIY project!

Take an old wooden pallet and make sure you can safely attach it to your wall. Construct individual ‘soil pockets’ from heavy fabric or hessian. Secure these pockets to the slats on the pallet, fill them with soil and then plant your seeds or seedlings. For the month of April, try coriander, parsley, lemongrass, chamomile and oregano. Packets of seeds are available from New World Metro and seedlings are available at your local garden centre and most hardware stores.

Small pots or cut-down recycled bottles can also be hung from the slats of the pallet and you can decorate them with paints from Whitcoulls, ribbons and fairy lights. Your vertical garden can become a great source of fresh herbs and a stylish feature!

Mini gardening

If you have a backyard, why not start a mini garden with the kids? Before you start, make sure you are sun-smart and have everything you need – a sun hat, a long sleeve shirt, gardening gloves and tools from Farmers.

Find a suitable spot in the backyard and set out the boundaries of your mini garden and consider the amount of sunlight it will receive. Use sleepers or galvanized steel to create protective walls – you could even use a kids  paddling pool.

After you fill the garden bed with a mixture of soil and compost, let the fun begin! Autumn is a good time to plant broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, beetroot, tomatoes and chilli...and carrots! Let’s hope the Easter bunny doesn’t help himself!

Gardening is great for teaching little ones where their food comes from and the importance of nurturing the environment.

Felt Easter eggs

Hand-made felt Easter eggs make a great Easter gift and are lots of fun to make. Gather your craft supplies such as coloured felt, wool, string, buttons, sequins, jewels, ribbon and glitter. Scissors, sewing equipment and craft supplies can be found at Whitcoulls.

Once you are ready to start, make a range of egg-shaped templates. These can be different shapes and sizes – you could also try a cute bunny head. Place them on flat pieces of coloured felt and trace around them. Next, cut them out and lay them out so they are ready to decorate individually. Cut the leftover felt into decorative shapes such as stripes, stars and spots.

Now get crafty! Glue or sew on the decorations and glue on buttons, jewels and glitter to make them shine.

Finally to make your felt Easter egg even more special, sew two egg-shaped pieces of felt together leaving the top open. Stuff with cotton wool and then sew up or leave the top open and fill with little chocolate eggs from New World Metro.