The Pear

Article by Caitlin Taylor


Ok you sweet pears, it's your turn! When I'm styling clients, I often find pear shapes the easiest shape to dress (controversial, I know.... but hear me out!).

Pears best bits are so easy to show off, and the bits you may not like are the easiest to hide in my humble opinion - but first, let's talk about what makes you a pear and why...

Once again here is the MOST important thing to remember - this is not at all about your size, dressing for your shape is all about balancing the proportions of your body - no matter what size you are, you can still look amazing!

How to Identify if You're a Pear Body Shape

1. Shoulders are slightly narrower in width that your hips

2. Small to medium bust

3. Neat waist

4. Generous hips and thighs (may carry a little weight on 'saddle bags')


So who else out there in the real world is a perfect pear? You might recognise some of these lovely ladies......



Katherine Heigl, Alicia Keys and Claire Danes are all gorgeous pears in Hollywood        

Right - so now you have identified yourself as a pretty pear - how do you dress best for your shape? Let's find out!

My Top 4 Tips for Dressing Your Gorgeous Pear Body!


1. Balance out your hips and thighs by broadening your shoulders

Use wider necklines and detailing on your top half you make it look bigger, thereby making your waist look smaller and your hips and thighs more in proportion with your upper body - create an hourglass illusion!

Dresses are awesome for this - if you can find the right ones - here are a few of my faves!

balance out your hips and thighs by broadening your shoulders 

Just Jeans ruffle top $59.95
Jacqui E dress $149.95
Portmans fluted sleeve top $49.95


2. Highlight your upper body

You are so lucky! You can embellish your top half to your heart's content (totes jealous.... big boobs + ruffles = nightmare on me!).

Everyone is too busy looking at what's going on upstairs to worry about those pesky hips and thighs down there somewhere.

Cap sleeves, shoulder detail, boat necks, one shoulder, ruffles; basically anything goes on your top half to draw the attention up, up, and away!

Here are three great pieces all available at Shore City right now!

highlight your upper body 


Portmans tie front blouse $59.95
Country Road elastic detail top $159.00
Jacqui E ruffle knit top $79.95


3. Define Your Waist

Anything with a fitted waist is a pear shape's friend! This is why a fit and flare dress is your go-to - it shows off your waist, yet skims over your hips by flaring out.

Belts? Belts are gold to you! Big belts, small belts, medium belts - so get cinching!

define yourwaist 

Max tie waist midi dress $49.99
Cue asymmetric colour block dress $289
Portmans super-skinny metal bar belt $24.95
Jacqui E rose gold waist belt $29.95


4. Skim Over Hips and Thighs

So this is the bit where we hide the bits we don't like so much - the trick to dressing for a pear is to skim over hips and thighs so that no one knows they are there!

A-line skirts, dresses and wide leg pants are the only way to go here.

Look for things with a cut that skims out over your widest part but doesn't cut back in again - stiffer fabrics or jersey that has amazing drape will work best.

Darker is best on the bottom too - we are trying to distract from down here so stick to brights and prints up top.

skim over hips and thighs 

Portmans metallic pleated skirt $99.95
Country Road wide leg pants $229.00
Jacqui E button skirt $99.95

So my pretty little pears - are we more confident in dressing for your shape? I hope so! ...... is anybody else craving a fruit salad now??

Until Next Time, Happy Shopping!

Cait xoxo



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